MMO Kit – Unity 3D


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Everything you need to create a MMO RPG game from networking, quest, enemy ai, inventory, looting, banking, etc

The MMO Kit will jump start your game development and allow you to modify it to your design needs.

The MMO kit is built upon C# / .NET so you can reuse the code and examples to make many different types of games.

Also with the MMO Kit being developed in C# / .NET you can use your skills you already know and create a fully customized game.

From the network being built upon our Alokoli Framework which allows you to scale your game from 50 to thousands of players without interruption.

Our data API which is built with ease of use in mind so accessing a players inventory or getting the quest information is a breeze.

We’ve also gone through the trouble of  limiting most bandwidth bottle necks you would see with other network frameworks such as message length for quest, zones, updates etc.

***This kit is still in development and will be release sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2013***

***Portions of this kit might be available sooner***

The MMO Kit features :

  • Inventory
  • Quest
  • Quest Manager
  • Banker
  • Looting
  • AI Enemies
  • Melee combat
  • Spell system
  • Dynamic attribute system
  • Zone Management
  • Chat
  • Network Framework that is salable to handle thousands of connections
  • and many more to come


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